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  • Community Governance Review for Taunton

    Somerset West and Taunton Council is carrying out a review to decide on changes to existing local governance arrangements, including whether or not a new town or parish council or councils should be set up in those parts of Taunton where they don’t currently exist. Full information about... More
    Closes 12 January 2022
  • Proposal to Increase Taxi Fares

    The cost of using a hackney carriage, more commonly known as a ‘taxi’, depends on when and how far you travel. The total cost of using a taxi is referred to as a ‘fare’ and is calculated on an electronic meter installed and displayed in the vehicle. The council sets... More
    Closes 6 December 2021
  • Stogursey Parish Housing Needs Survey

    Closing date extended to 5 December 2021. Are local people struggling with housing issues which need to be addressed? Stogursey Parish Council wishes to find out whether people in the parish are struggling with housing issues and accommodation requirements, and have... More
    Closes today
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