West Bagborough Housing Needs Survey

Closed 18 Oct 2021

Opened 25 Aug 2021


West Bagborough Parish Council wishes to establish the extent of housing need in the Parish and the support for a small affordable housing development. Therefore, we are carrying out a housing needs survey in partnership with Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) who will produce an independent report.

This can include any household who needs more suitable accommodation but cannot afford to rent or buy on the private market. Newly forming households, mature children who would like to move out of their parents’ home, or possibly older people looking for more suitable accommodation would all fall into this category. If you have a housing need you will need to register with Homefinder Somerset, the local housing register, if you have not already done so.

This survey should be completed by all households within West Bagborough Parish. A paper copy will be delivered to your house, which will include the link to this survey. Please complete EITHER the paper version which has a pre-paid return envelope OR this online version.

How to complete the Housing Needs Survey

This survey is in two sections.

Part 1: Is for everyone to complete.

Part 2: You should only complete this part of the survey if you expect to move home in the next 5 years and would like to remain in the parish. This part of the survey is intended to identify those who are eligible for affordable housing in the village but also gathers information on those who can afford to buy or rent their own home on the open market. This ensures that if a small number of open market homes are required to finance the affordable housing then they will be the right size and will meet local needs.

A separate Part 2 is needed for each individual or separate group of people forming a new household.  

Even if you are registered with Homefinder Somerset or you are already living in Social Housing and need to move, please complete this survey even if your landlord is aware of your need.

If you know of someone who has had to move away to find more suitable housing, please make sure they receive a link to this survey if they would like to move back to the parish.

What happens next

None of the personal information provided on the form will be disclosed to the Parish Council.  It will be seen only by SWT staff.  No data will be published in the Report which can identify an individual. Please see the end of the survey form for our full Data Protection statement.


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