Community Governance Review for Taunton Second Stage

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Closes 26 Jul 2022

Stage 2 Consultation Questions

An information sheet on the Community Governance Review for Taunton can be looked at through the drop-down box below or downloaded.

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Please see decision sheets setting out the Working Group’s considerations and proposals for each of the areas under review presented at Full Council 3 March 2022.

1. Please tell us whether you are a (tick all that apply):
2. Please enter the postcode of your home (if a local resident) or work/other premises with which you have a local connection
3. Do you agree that Taunton should be represented by a town council?
4. Do you agree that a town council for Taunton could help to promote a sense of community in the town and promote community cohesion?
5. If a town council is established for Taunton, do you agree that its boundary should reflect the current reality of the town and include areas where urban development has occurred or is under way extending beyond the historic boundary?
6. Do you agree with the proposal made by Somerset West and Taunton Council for changes at the parish level including the establishment of a new Taunton Town Council covering the area shown in Map A, and consequential changes in a number of surrounding parishes?

Map A can be viewed here

Map A can be downloaded or viewed in the box below.

7. Do you believe that services such as parks and open spaces, public toilets, control of litter, Car Parking and community events e.g. Christmas Lights Switch On are important to the place where you live?
8. Do you agree that any new Taunton Town Council should be divided into wards for the purpose of electing councillors to represent local people?
9. Do you agree with the proposal by Somerset West and Taunton Council that the number of councillors to be elected to any new Taunton Town Council should be 20 and the ward boundaries and names should be as shown in Map B?

Map B can be viewed here

Map B can be downloaded or viewed in the box below.

10. Principal council ward boundaries – If the parish and parish ward boundaries are changed as proposed, these will no longer match the corresponding district council ward boundaries or county/unitary council division boundaries in some places. In the interests of clarity therefore, if the proposed changes to the parish and parish ward boundaries go ahead do you agree that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England should be asked to amend the relevant district ward and county/unitary division boundaries where necessary to align them with the revised parish boundaries?
11. Do you have any other comments on parish/town boundaries or any other aspect of the arrangements for town/parish governance in the area?