Stogursey Parish Housing Needs Survey

Closed 5 Dec 2021

Opened 20 Oct 2021


Closing date extended to 5 December 2021.

Are local people struggling with housing issues which need to be addressed?

Stogursey Parish Council wishes to find out whether people in the parish are struggling with housing issues and accommodation requirements, and have therefore requested that a housing needs survey be carried out. The results will mean that the Parish Council can work with Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) to help meet those needs and assist local people who are having difficulty.

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A similar survey was conducted in 2018 throughout the Quantock Vale, and a recommendation made that it be undertaken every 3-5 years, to reassess housing need within the area. This survey is for the parish of Stogursey only and will support the community’s ongoing Neighbourhood Plan.

Please help to improve the lives of people in your community by completing this questionnaire; this will mean that SWT can produce an independent report which will form the basis for projects and initiatives to support those in housing need.

Everyone should complete the survey if possible - even if you are registered on Homefinder, or you already live in social housing and need to move.

What do we mean by ‘housing need’?

People who are in ‘housing need’ are identified as requiring accommodation that is different to and more suitable than their current situation, but who may not easily be able to change their circumstances. This can include any household who cannot afford to rent or buy on the private market. Even if you don’t think you have a housing need yourself, the information you can provide is really important to help form a view of the ‘bigger picture’ of the community overall - so please take a few minutes to complete the survey if you can. Thank you.

How to complete the Housing Needs Survey:

The survey is in two sections:

Part One: This section is for everyone to complete, regardless of their circumstances.

Part Two: This section should only be completed if you expect to move home in the next five years and would like to remain in the parish.

If you know of someone who has had to move away from the area to find more suitable housing, but would like to move back to the parish, please encourage them to also complete the survey by sharing the link with them:

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.

What happens next

None of the personal information provided on the form will be disclosed to the Parish Council.  It will be seen only by SWT staff.  No data will be published in the Report which can identify an individual. Please see the end of the survey form for our full Data Protection statement.


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