SWT Green Flag Parks

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Closes 8 Feb 2022


1. Which of the Following Green Flag parks would you like to comment on?
2. How often do you visit your selected park
3. How do you usually visit your selected park?
4. Do you normally visit your selected park alone or with a group? Please select one response only
5. Why do you normally visit your selected park?
6. How would you rate your selected park?
7. How easy is it for you to get around your selected park?
8. How do you rate the visitor facilities of your selected park?
9. How would you rate the standard and maintenance of the trees, flowers and flower beds, shrubs and grass areas?
10. How would you rate the facilities and/or services provided for children and their parents?
11. If applicable, how would you rate the sports facilities that are available?
12. Overall, how satisfied/dissatisfied are you with your selected park?
13. How do you rate the community involvement in your selected park?
14. Do you feel that your park should have more wildflower/rewilding areas?
15. "My selected park is one of the prize community assets that should be retained/protected at all costs"
16. Is there anything that would encourage you to use the park or open space more often, or stay longer? If so please describe below the things that would encourage you to visit more often or stay for longer
17. Would you be willing to assist in voluntary work in your chosen park (if yes please leave contact details in box below)

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18. Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?