New Council Housing Development at Snedden Grove, Taunton

Closed 18 Jul 2021

Opened 5 Jul 2021


Somerset West and Taunton Council  is encouraging members of the public to have their say about a planning application for 26 council rented homes at Snedden Grove, Taunton which is due to be submitted shortly. The budget for the scheme was recently approved by Full Council and work is now progressing on the plans. 

The new homes will be a mixture of flats and houses ranging from one bedroom to 4 bedrooms in size. Four of the homes will be built to wheel chair accessable standards. 

The homes will be highly insulated making them very energy efficient and zero carbon in use.  The site will be fossil fuel free, and hot water and central heating supplied primarily using on-site renewable sources. 

Once our planning application is submitted all plans will be available on our planning website and you will also be able to comment formally through the planning process. 

Why your views matter

  • Local residents are now being asked to give their opinions prior to the submission of the full planning application.

  • Please complete the survey, by clicking on the link below. 

  • This survey will be available until 18th July 2021.

What happens next

The Council will consider all comments made during the consultation and where these have suggested changes we will examine our proposals to see if these are beneficial and possible.  We will also summarise all the comments to create a “Frequently Asked Questions” style document in which we will respond to each topic and this will available on request.


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  • Anyone from any background


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  • renewable energy
  • recycling
  • settlement tiers
  • garden town
  • rural centre
  • distribution of housing
  • site selection
  • new homes
  • affordable housing
  • gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople
  • accessible housing
  • lifetime homes
  • self-build
  • economic growth
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  • employment land
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