Monkton Heathfield Garden Community Concept Plan and Design Guide

Closed 10 Jul 2020

Opened 15 Jun 2020


We are now consulting on draft Plans and a Draft Design Guide for the next phase of the Monkton Heathfield development area.  The consultation will take place from Monday 15 June to Friday 10 July 2020.

The consulation consists of:

  1. A draft Framework Plan for the SS1 Monkton Heathfield Policy area; 
  2. A draft Concept Plan for the Monkton Heathfield 2 development area; and
  3. Draft Design Guidance for the Monkton Heathfield 2 development area.

Following the consultation exercise, SWT will consider: what modifications need to be made to the draft plans and document, and take into account any other representations.

Why your views matter

The Monkton Heathfield Policy area (SS1) is a key part of the adopted Core Strategy for Taunton.  It is important that a Framework Plan is prepared which shows the suite of development sites and related proposals allocated in the Core Strategy.  The Monkton Heathfield Garden Community - MH2 - is the largest single site within the SS1 Policy area.  In accordance with the Core Strategy a Concept Plan is required to guide the development of the site, identifying key land uses and green infrastructure.  The Design Guide provides more detail on the Councils aspirations to achieve a high quality development of the MH2 Garden Community, as set out in the Core Strategy.

What happens next

The Council will consider all comments made during the consultation and will prepare a Feedback Report.

The Feedback Report, together with any proposed revisions to the Plans and Guidance will be considered by the Councils Executive Committee before they are approved for Development Management decision making.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • carbon neutrality
  • renewable energy
  • recycling
  • settlement tiers
  • garden town
  • rural centre
  • distribution of housing
  • site selection
  • new homes
  • affordable housing
  • gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople
  • accessible housing
  • lifetime homes
  • self-build
  • economic growth
  • economic development
  • employment land
  • town centre vitality
  • retail
  • health
  • social interaction
  • lifestyle
  • leisure
  • natural environment
  • built environment
  • deprivation
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  • protected areas
  • waterways
  • air quality
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